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You Better Beleaf it: NASA GLOBE Program to Host 2021 Trees Community Challenge

April 21st, 2021 by Globe Observer

Through May 15, 2021, the GLOBE Program is hosting the 2021 Trees Community Challenge, a project aimed at making science better together by encouraging participants to collect data and learn about trees.

Using the Trees Challenge Activity Tracker, participants can pick and choose activities – or complete all of them – to become members of the NASA citizen science community. Activities include taking a tree height observation, writing a tree poem, and sharing stories about trees that are special to you on social media

Trees are diverse and tree height can tell us a lot about Earth’s ecosystems. Satellites and ground-based measurements are used to track tree growth, monitor how well an ecosystem supports trees, and estimate how much carbon is stored by trees. The GLOBE community encourages #CitizenScientists to use the GLOBE Observer app to take tree height measurements with their smartphones.

Read more about the challenge and how to participate.

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One Response to “You Better Beleaf it: NASA GLOBE Program to Host 2021 Trees Community Challenge”

  1. Colleen Cole says:

    I have a Black Locust that is just budding out and I am so excited. When I first stated observing this tree four years ago I was told it was a Buckthorn. I wanted it out, out out!! Then it bloomed two years ago and I fell in love with what was not a Buckthorn, but a Black Locust. I went to the Yale University site for trees and was so very impressed with the history of this tree that I could not believe my luck in not finding a tree cutter!!!