Earth Matters

Earth is an amazing planet, and the one that matters most to us. Let’s have a conversation about it.

World Cup 2018: A Satellite, Soccer Balls, and Spectacular Space Images

As countries go head to head in the World Cup, can you guess which image goes with which country? read more

June Puzzler: Where in the World is This?

Examine this month's puzzling satellite image, then tell us what we are looking at and why this place is interesting. read more

Making a Map of Water and Ice

Hydrologist Matt Rodell explains the years-long process of turning GRACE data into maps of the big changes in ice sheets, aquifers, and groundwater on Earth. read more

Notes from the Field

NASA scientists are in the field and write home to tell about it.

CYGNSS Accomplishments and New Applications

Climate Q&A

Myths, misunderstandings, and frequently asked questions about climate.

Elegant Figures

On data visualization and information design on the Earth Observatory.