Earth Observatory Blogs

This Isn’t My First Rodeo

Published 9/2/2021 in Notes from the Field

Engineer Andy Hynous is back in the saddle in Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program is making flights for the fall 2021 balloon campaign.

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SeaHawk Mission Proves CubeSats are Viable for Collecting Scientific Data

Published 8/31/2021 in Earth Matters

Scientists are pleased with the compelling images and data collected by a shoebox sized satellite.

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Picturing Earth From the Space Station

Published 8/25/2021 in EO Kids

Find out what it takes to be a space photographer on the International Space Station (ISS), play a data detective game and build your landform recognition skills like an astronaut.

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August Puzzler

Published 8/24/2021 in Earth Matters

The August 2021 puzzler is out. Your challenge is to use the comments section to tell us what we are looking at, where it is, and why it is interesting.

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