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Earth Observatory Blogs

Satellites Probe Droppings for Clues About Penguin Populations

Published 12/12/2018 in Earth Matters

An analysis of Landsat imagery shows big colonies of penguins on the Danger Islands are declining.

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First Images From NASA's Newest Snow Instrument

Published 12/4/2018 in Notes from the Field

Scientists are analyzing the first radar images returned from a new instrument designed to measure the water content in snowpacks.

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SWESARR is Ready to Fly

Published 11/30/2018 in Notes from the Field

Scientists and engineers are ready to fly a new instrument designed to measure the water contained within a snowpack.

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6 Trends to Know about Fire Season in the Western U.S.

Published 11/29/2018 in Earth Matters

Researchers analyzed more than 40,000 fires between 1950 to 2017 to learn how wildfire frequency, size, and location has changed. Here’s what they learned.

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Ambushing the Aurora

Published 11/29/2018 in Notes from the Field

Like the isbjørn (polar bears), we are ambush hunters. Our prey are atmospheric fountains, jets of gas being shot into space under the impact of the cusp aurora.

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