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Earth Observatory Blogs

MOSAiC: Gearing Up for Leg Three

Published 1/28/2020 in Notes from the Field

MOSAiC expedition scientists prepare for research aboard an icebreaker, which has been frozen into the Arctic sea ice for about three months.

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Taal Volcano remains on Level 4 alert, but what does that mean?

Published 1/24/2020 in Earth Matters

Since its initial eruption, Taal remains on a level 4 alert, with a hazardous eruption still possible.

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Peeking at Penguins: Poop from Space

Published 1/22/2020 in EO Kids

Did you know that satellites can be used to find penguin populations by looking at what they leave behind? EO Kids is discovering more about penguins by looking at their poop from space.

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Tweeting the Extreme Summer Down Under

Published 1/16/2020 in Earth Matters

More jaw-dropping images of the extreme weather in Australia have come in from astronauts and satellites.

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Smoky Australian Skies

Published 1/10/2020 in Earth Matters

As satellites track Australian wildfire smoke from above, GLOBE Observer citizen scientists have been keeping tabs on hazy skies from the ground.

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