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Earth Observatory Blogs

Cleaning Up Our Air

Published 9/17/2019 in EO Kids

Take a breath of fresh air. Learn how the air we breathe has become cleaner in the latest issue of EO Kids, Cleaning Up Our Air

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Final Preparations

Published 9/17/2019 in Notes from the Field

Scientists make final preparations for field work aboard an icebreaker, which will be locked in the Arctic sea ice for one year.

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Waiting for Balloon Weather

Published 9/5/2019 in Notes from the Field

Daily weather briefings give rhythm to otherwise irregular days filled with launch attempts and instrument tests.

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Final Field Days in Batamay, Northeast Siberia

Published 8/27/2019 in Notes from the Field

A data shortage in the large swaths of larch forests in Northeast Siberia is a prime reason why we wanted to come here.

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Please Keep Your Arms, Legs, and Cryogens Inside the Gondola at All Times

Published 8/23/2019 in Notes from the Field

The BOBCAT mission is testing a cool, new type of cryogenic liquid containment system for balloon-borne telescopes.

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