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You Better Beleaf it: NASA GLOBE Program to Host 2021 Trees Community Challenge

Published 4/21/2021 in Earth Matters

Take a tree height observation on a smartphone, write a tree poem, and share stories about trees that are special to you on social media as part of the challenge.

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Tournament Earth 2021 Champion: Lake Van

Published 4/15/2021 in Earth Matters

A photo of one of the world’s largest alkaline lakes handily won the crown.

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Landsat: Continuing the Legacy

Published 4/1/2021 in Earth Matters

A new video series offers a look at the satellite program that changed how we look at Earth.

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Does COVID-19 Have Seasons? An Update with Ben Zaitchik

Published 3/22/2021 in Earth Matters

A new report explores whether seasonal weather conditions play a role in influencing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

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