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Earth Observatory Blogs

Instrument Rescue Operation

Published 4/2/2020 in Notes from the Field

After cracks formed in the sea ice, the MOSAiC expedition team decided to move instruments to safer location.

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March Puzzler

Published 3/31/2020 in Earth Matters

Every month we offer a puzzling satellite image. Your challenge is to tell us what we are looking at, where it is, and why it is interesting.

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Getting an EPIC Perspective

Published 3/20/2020 in Earth Matters

Good news has been scarce. But here’s at least one update ― from one million miles away ― to appreciate.

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Leads Everywhere

Published 3/20/2020 in Notes from the Field

Cracks in the sea ice are a not-so-gentle reminder that the ice can be extremely dynamic, and researchers should be prepared for anything.

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The MOSAiC Floe

Published 3/16/2020 in Notes from the Field

Central to the entire MOSAiC Expedition is the MOSAiC Floe: a large sheet of sea ice that was carefully selected as the ideal place to anchor Polarstern for an entire year.

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