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Earth Observatory Blogs

MISR Where on Earth...? Quiz #31

Published 7/12/2019 in Earth Matters

Use your eyes and your research skills to figure out the location shown in this satellite image.

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Supporting Quality Insurance for Farmers with Earth Observation Data

Published 7/10/2019 in Notes from the Field

Scientists gathered in Kenya to discuss how satellite data can best be used to promote farmer and pastoralist resilience to drought.

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Watching the 2019 Women's World Cup from Space

Published 7/2/2019 in Earth Matters

Millions of people have been watching the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France, setting a record number for viewers. At least three of those spectators are watching from space.

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June puzzler

Published 6/26/2019 in Earth Matters

Your challenge is to use the comments section to tell us what we are looking at and why it is interesting.

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