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Earth Observatory Blogs

Satellites and Ground Sensors Observe Smoke Blanketing California

Published 11/14/2018 in Earth Matters

Putting low-cost air quality sensors in the hands of citizen scientists complement satellite observations of air quality during wildfires.

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Highlights from The Earth Observer

Published 11/7/2018 in Earth Matters

A new edition of The Earth Observer, a bi-monthly publication that covers the nuts-and-bolts of NASA’s Earth Observing System, is out.

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Famous Rectangular Iceberg’s Rough Journey

Published 11/5/2018 in Earth Matters

The sharp-angled iceberg that made headlines in late October 2018 had a longer, rougher journey than was initially thought.

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October Puzzler

Published 10/26/2018 in Earth Matters

Your challenge is to tell us what we are looking at and why it is interesting.

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The New UN Climate Report in One Sentence

Published 10/19/2018 in Earth Matters

Many parts of the world are already seeing rising sea levels, hotter temperatures, more extreme precipitation and droughts, more acidic oceans, and faster rates of extinctions.

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