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Earth Observatory Blogs

May Puzzler

Published 5/21/2019 in Earth Matters

Your challenge is to use the comments section to tell us what we are looking at and why it is interesting.

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A Place in Space: Earth Orbits

Published 5/15/2019 in EO Kids

Explore Earth’s different orbits, then race your friends in a scale model of high, mid and low Earth orbits.

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Reflections on 30 Years of The Earth Observer Newsletter

Published 5/3/2019 in Earth Matters

Since March 1989, the Earth Observer newsletter has reported timely news from NASA’s Earth Science Program.

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It Was 20 Years Ago Today...

Published 4/29/2019 in Earth Matters

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we take a look back at how the Web, the world, and EO have changed. And we look ahead to a year of flashback stories.

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