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Earth Matters

Saluting the Tournament Earth Winner: Canary Islands

April 7th, 2014 by Adam Voiland

For the second year in a row, an image from the Canary Islands took the championship of Tournament: Earth. In 2013, a submarine volcano near El Hierro Island was the crowd favorite. This year, it was a shot of the entire island chain that dominated the vote. When “Trailing the Canaries” faced “Activity at Kliuchevskoi” in the championship round, it wasn’t just a win for the Canaries image; it was a blowout. Of the nearly 50,000 votes cast, 96 percent went to the Canary Islands image.

To salute our many readers from the Canaries, we’ve combed through our archives and selected five of our all-time favorite images involving the island chain. They are posted below from oldest to newest. Click on each image for more details. Enjoy!

Dust over the Canary Islands (March 2009)

Teide Volcano (July 2009)

Sand and Tourism in Gran Canaria (January 2013)

El Hierro Submarine Volcano Eruption (2013 Tournament Earth Champion)

Trailing the Canaries (2014 Tournament Earth Champion)

59 Responses to “Saluting the Tournament Earth Winner: Canary Islands”

  1. Richard Sharpless says:

    The city looks like beadwork. Is this from the space station?

  2. Richard Sharpless says:

    Was this photo taken from the space station?

  3. valentina vega-eck says:

    How can I vote for the next images? This was awesome!

  4. Jesus R. says:

    Fantastic! thank you.

  5. Ángel Canino says:

    Yeah!! I live in Tenerife, Canary Islands!!!
    magic place to live!

  6. Pedro says:

    I love my islands and i wanna give thanks for all of your votes. This is de Fortuneted Ilands, called that way for the soft wether all year

  7. Jon-aloses says:

    Next canary island’s image would be from La Palma Island an her old crater: Caldera de Taburiente

  8. Fdevora says:


  9. Fabián Viera says:

    Thank you very much for these wonderful pictures of my house, the Canary Islands.

  10. María Rodriguez says:

    ¡Preciosas fotografías! GRACIAS

  11. Cilia says:

    Please, hel the Canary Islands and sign here:
    NO OIL please

  12. David G says:

    I would not call Maspalomas a city, but a touristic town (and weekend/summer houses for the locals). You should have added a newer photo of Maspalomas, the sand dunes have changed quite a lot. Overall, they are beautiful photos

    • Ana says:

      January 2013 seems a quite recent photo!!!

      • Mireia says:

        It’s not only a “touristic town with weekend houses for locals”, sorry. There is a whole “local” population in Maspalomas, to which I actually belong, and Maspalomas is only seen as a “touristic town for weekends” by people from the north.

        • Mery says:

          I have lived in Maspalomas for more than 20 years and I am not a tourist. It’s a small town. There are 30.000 people living here all year long.
          Thanks so much to NASA for showing it!!

  13. Cilia says:

    Oil in canary islands, NO !!!! Help us please and sign the petition: www.

    Ayúdanos a evitar las Prospecciones Petrolíferas en Canarias, firma y comparte, GRACIAS.

    Aidez nous pour éviter les Prospections Pétrolières aux Iles Canaries, signez et partagez, MERCI.

  14. Conor Clarke says:

    As Pedro says, the islands are nicknamed the Fortunate Islands for the good weather all year round but truthfully we are the luck ones to live here in such a paradise. Between incredible sceneries, good food and great people, it is a pleasure to live here.
    Como dice Pedro, las islas también se conocen como las Islas Afortunadas por el buen tiempo todo el año pero en verdad los afortunados somos nosotros por vivir en tal paraíso. Con paisajes increíbles, buena comida y muy buena gente, es un placer vivir aquí.

  15. Nieves López says:

    Thanks from Tenerife!!! 🙂

  16. Sara says:

    Wonderful islands… the paradise.

  17. Carol Q. says:

    Beautiful photo, thank you very much from Tenerife(Canary Island).

  18. Carol Q. says:

    Beautiful photo, thank you very much from Tenerife

  19. Andertor says:

    Absolutely marvellous!
    No wonder they won two years in a row…

  20. Thomeze says:

    Great pictures, thank you very much!!

  21. Victor T says:

    Premium Islands! Visit the most spectacular volcanic territory in the world!

  22. Francisco says:

    Desde Gran Canaria un abrazo para el mundo, hasta el próximo año.

  23. Santi says:

    From Canary Islands (SPAIN), Thanks to NASA and all people around the world interested in my land.
    From here…come to Canary Islands!.. and know us!!…

  24. Lola says:

    My home: Canary Islands. Beautiful place and charm people.

  25. Esperanza says:

    ¡¡Qué mundos y qué vida sobre el Océano son nuestras Islas Canarias!!! y a la vez que puntos en este inmenso espacio tan pequeños a vista de pájaro.
    Gracias por haber votado a la belleza de esta creación en esta tierra madre.

  26. Deborah Serantes says:

    Mi paraiso pura belleza, como no ganar?

  27. Oliver Álvarez says:

    From Canaries me and my family would like to thank the voters and thank to NASA for showing how awesome earth and earthlings are. I hope this new link between Canary Islands and the Space become as bright as possible in the future.

    We would like to send greetings to the International Space Station crew members and to it’s Earth team since we are real fans and we find plenty of inspiration in their careers, details and words.

    Following you with care and love,

    Oliver Álvarez.

  28. Saray says:

    Hello!! I live in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands!! Thanks for the fantastic images and for your votes. I invite you all to visit our beautiful islands!

  29. Luis says:

    ¡Fantásticas fotos! Saludos desde la ISLA DE GRAN CANARIA.

  30. Isabel Rodriguez says:

    ¡¡Fotos preciosas!! Las dunas de la Playa de Maspalomas y en general todo el paisaje de la isla de GRAN CANARIA es una auténtica delicia para el disfrute, no en vano se la conoce como EL CONTINENTE EN MINIATURA. Gracias y saludos desde la ISLA DE GRAN CANARIA.

  31. Margaret says:

    Thanks a lot! All of them are awesome like these beautiful Islands are! Come to see it yourself!

  32. Francisco says:

    ¡¡¡Maravillosas fotografías!!! por algo las llaman ISLAS AFORTUNADAS. Una pena que no se aprecie la Playa de LAS CANTERAS en LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, la mejor PLAYA URBANA del Mundo y las he visto todas.
    Soy un viajero empedernido muy neutral e imparcial.
    Muchas gracias a la NASA y a todas las personas que, con su voto, han hecho posible que la imagen de CANARIAS haya sido elegida como la mejor.

  33. Fran says:

    Great photos
    Great islands
    Great people
    Great weather

  34. Canarión perdido says:

    Thank you, NASA!! 😉

  35. Manuel Moreno says:

    Best Regards from here, Gran Canaria!!
    Congratulations , NASA people for you work!!

  36. Carlos says:

    As a Canarian (Tenerife) living in the USA, I am very proud of my islands and for the second year in a row win.

  37. Elsa Pérez says:

    Canary islands are the real paradise in the world! Tenerife is very beautiful.

  38. Elena says:

    This is my paradise!! An amazing place,to spend incredible days.Thanks to NASA and all people around the world.Visit the Canary Islands. For something we have won two years in a row.

    kisses from Tenerife.Very proud of my Canary Islands

  39. Alicia Vargas says:

    Beautiful photo, thank you very much from Tenerife

  40. Jenny says:

    By far the stand out photo! These are indeed the Fortunate Isles. Just sitting on the terrace overlooking the beautiful ocean drinking a glass of wine on a glorious day. Come and enjoy!

  41. Omayra says:

    Thank you very much for these images. In love with my awesome islands!

  42. Luis says:

    Thanks for these awesome shots!

    Greetings from Canary Islands

  43. Un Canario says:

    Thank You Very Much Nasa.




  45. Mauricio MF TENERIFE says:

    Gracias NASA por este detalle.
    Saludos desde mi tierra, Tenerife-Islas Canarias.

  46. Miguel Hernández says:

    Thank you very much for your votes. Canary Islands is a very beutiful place to live. People are generous and very kind. We love peace and friendship. Come with us and enjoy

  47. Mary says:

    I love the Canary Islands I remember a lot of great moments lived there.
    So proud of their two victories


  48. Flor says:

    Thanks from the paradise.. Canary island!!!

  49. Felipe says:

    Please, note that such a wonderful archipielago is, since XV century an forever, a singular and beloved part of Spain, an European Union country, with a very well developed touristic infrastructures. And I think that, together with Hawai, is one of the most spectacular volcanic landscapes of the world. And beautiful beaches, sea, warm weather, good food, social freedom etc.

  50. Maria says:

    So beautiful Canary Island, great photos. 🙂
    My favorite island is:

  51. Angel says:

    Thanks for these awesome pictures. Islandic PRIDE! Gracias por estas increibles fotografías. Orgullo isleño! Feliz día a todos los paisanos.

  52. John Grey Mulberry says:

    the most wonderful people, of the most beautiful islands around this magical world