Earth Madness

They face off on the frozen tundra and in the searing deserts. They meet high in the stratosphere and in the depths of the ocean. They clash on the remotest of islands and in the brightly-lit urban centers. They are the best and brightest of Earth’s stars, and they meet again in friendly international competition.

Thirty-two of the best Earth Observatory images will meet in Tournament Earth 3.0, but only one can be the winner. From March 2 through April 6, you can vote for your favorite images from the past year, whittling the total from 32 to 16 to 8 to 4 to 2 in a month-long tournament of remote sensing madness. The competition will be stiff in the four brackets — Data, Art, Event, and Photograph — so it is up to you to separate the winners from the losers. Come back each week to vote in each new round.

After destroying the competition in our first two Tournament Earth competitions, the Canary Islands have retired. Help us pick the new Tournament Earth champion.

Complete and print your own bracket and compare how you do against your friends or you can download a blank bracket (PDF) to fill-in offline.

Data Section

#1 - Indonesia’s Mount Kelut Erupts Read more
#8 - What Lies Below Read more
#2 - Corridors for Carbon and Critters Read more
#7 - Finding a Constellation with a Laser Read more
#3 - A Warm Current Blooms Read more
#6 - Even from Space, Holidays Shine Brightly Read more
#4 - The Greenup of the Planet Read more
#5 - Drought Stressing California’s Plantscape Read more

Art Section

#1 - River Discharge Alters Arctic Sea Ice Read more
#8 - The London Array Read more
#2 - Faults in Xinjiang Read more
#7 - Sanctuary Along the Kuiseb River Read more
#3 - Kavir Desert, Iran Read more
#6 - Megadunes and Desert Lakes in China Read more
#4 - Two for One Read more
#5 - Where China and Kazakhstan Meet Read more

Event Section

#1 - Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava Field Read more
#8 - Saharan Dust on the Move Read more
#2 - The Aral Sea Loses Its Eastern Lobe Read more
#7 - Drifting with Ice Island B31 Read more
#3 - Dueling Blooms Read more
#6 - A Great Freeze Over the Great Lakes Read more
#4 - Gonzalo Stirs Up Sediment and the Carbon Cycle Read more
#5 - Somerset Levels Swamped Read more

Photograph Section

#1 - The Many Colors of Electric Lights Read more
#8 - New York City Read more
#2 - The Koreas at Night Read more
#7 - Italy at Night Read more
#3 - Grand Canyon Geology Lessons on View Read more
#6 - Venice Lagoon Read more
#4 - Dust and Clouds Dance Over the Sahara Read more
#5 - Sensing Lightning from ISS Read more