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Fill Out Your Bracket for Tournament Earth 2021 (Astronaut Photography Edition)

March 9th, 2021 by NASA Earth Observatory

It is that time of year again…Tournament Earth is back! This time, the theme is astronaut photography. For more than 20 years, astronauts have been shooting stunning photos of Earth from the International Space Station that highlight the planet’s beauty, complexity, and vulnerabilities.

So which are the most unforgettable photographs of Earth taken from the space station? Over the next five weeks (March 8-April 13), you can help decide.

The first round has already begun. Cast your vote here:

While you wait for the Round 1 results, download the bracket here and challenge your friends. After you fill out that bracket, post your predictions in the comment thread for which four photos will make the semifinals and which one will be crowned champion. We can’t offer prize money or a trip to the Moon, but bragging rights are forever if you can guess the eventual champion.

Also, bookmark this space. We will provide updates later in the tournament and highlight some of your predictions, commentary, and insights lower in the post. Just remember to use the hashtag #TournamentEarth and tag @NASAEarth on social media (we’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) or we might not see your post.

If you are curious about the team behind the photos you see in Tournament Earth, check out our Picturing Earth video series.

Happy voting!

104 Responses to “Fill Out Your Bracket for Tournament Earth 2021 (Astronaut Photography Edition)”

  1. Vivian Becerra says:

    Me encantó la foto de la Aurora boreal….

  2. Carlos Torres says:

    star trails (3)

  3. Ana Paradela says:

    African dust #1

  4. Silvia Behar says:

    Star Trails 3

  5. Kelly says:

    Sinai fish photos
    Eye of the storm

  6. Serbest says:

    Van turkey

  7. rumet salman says:

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  8. Gabriela says:

    Star trails

  9. Cruz José Gómez says:

    Sahara Dust
    Gran Cañón

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  15. Hicazi TELLİER says:

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  16. Lee says:

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  22. Çağdaş says:

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  24. Shorsh Mustafa says:

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  38. Tolga says:

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  41. İbrahim OYAN says:

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  42. Matkal says:

    Fisheye over Sinai

  43. Jowel says:

    Gran cannon,usa

  44. OĞUZHAN says:

    Van Gölü

  45. Muhammed eren çoban says:

    Van Turkey

  46. Muhammed eren çoban says:

    Lake Van

  47. Yuşa says:

    Van lake TURKEY

  48. Furkan says:

    Van lake Turkey

  49. Anita buanaiaque says:

    Me impressionou muito as estrelas em movimento que parecem uma pintura feita pelo homem invez duma é uma realidade de forma geométrica já existente na natureza ,mostra esta maravilha como podem acontecer isto no espaço cósmicos.

  50. Sofia says:

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  51. Chiranjibi pandey says:

    Himalayas 2?️?️

  52. Esra Sevketoglu says:

    Lake Van amazing

  53. Huda says:

    Solar Evaporation Ponds in Uth (1)

  54. Roberthson Nongtraw says:

    These four pics are absolutely stunning Nice Shot
    Typhoon Maysak
    Cruising Past the Aurora Borealis
    Castellanus Cloud
    Cleveland Volcano, Aleutian Islands

  55. Hazel says:

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  56. Zoe Zhu says:

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