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Earth Matters

Unique Perspectives on Precipitation Measurement

November 8th, 2013 by Mike Carlowicz


Following their successful “Let It Snow” photo contest, our colleagues at the soon-to-launch Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission are looking for your best photos and videos of rain, sleet, hail, snow and any other precipitation. They describe their “Unique Perspectives” contest this way:

There are many ways to view precipitation…We’d like to see weather from all angles — far away, up close, above, below and inside. The more creative and unique, the better.  Post your coolest photos and videos of precipitation from unique perspectives, and we’ll choose the best ones to post on the NASA Precipitation Measurement Missions websites…Winning photos will be selected by a group of judges comprised of NASA scientists and outreach personnel, and will be judged based on their creativity and artistic merit.

The new contest runs from November 1 to December 1, 2013, and imagery can be submitted via Flickr, Instagram, or Vimeo. Learn more about the contest and rules by visiting:


Engineer and avid traveler Andrew Bossi had one of the winning entries last spring – this shot of the harbor in Kulusuk, Greenland. His shot became part of an Image of the Day on Earth Observatory.

In between combing your photo archives and setting up your tripod for the perfect precipitation shot, check out this quirky anime cartoon about GPM from the science and outreach team at JAXA, NASA’s partner in the mission. If you don’t speak Japanese, turn on the closed-caption button.




3 Responses to “Unique Perspectives on Precipitation Measurement”

  1. Satyendra Bhandari says:

    Is the contest open to all anywhere in the world?

  2. Mike Carlowicz says:

    Yes, Satyendra — the contest is open to anyone. More details are on the GPM web page.

  3. Tod says:

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