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Elegant Figures

Tree Biomass Map Featured on Co.DESIGN

February 28th, 2012 by Robert Simmon

Last month it was Science Friday, this month it’s Co.DESIGN: NASA Creates Insanely High-Res Map Of America’s Trees, And Offers A Lesson In Information Design. Tim Maly describes our map of tree biomass in the U.S. (based on an exquisite data set from Woods Hole Research Center), and lets me rant a bit about color palettes and data visualization.

3 Responses to “Tree Biomass Map Featured on Co.DESIGN”

  1. Oscar Michel says:

    Agradezco la información.

    Gracias, Oscar Michel, Arq.

  2. Kay Talley says:

    thank you for this wonderful collection! its awesome!

  3. Wow those maps are unbelievable, really great job by NASA to produce such exceptional work .Great job guys 😉