Notes from the Field

Musings from SMAPVEX12 Winnipeg

July 3rd, 2012 by Brian Campbell

Narendra Das
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

I am signing off from SMAPVEX12 at Winnipeg with good vibes, pleasant memories and expectation that this will be a very successful campaign. I hope that, like me, most of my teammates have learnt substantially about the study area and had a great field sampling experience, and have also made many good friends during interactions and group dinners.

I conducted crop structure sampling of various crops (corn, beans, canola, wheat, and pasture) for the last one month and witnessed the growth spurt in crops within the one month span. Even though I knew about crop responses to weather variables I was amazed to see such a rapid response of crop growth to conducive environment conditions, especially for canola and corn.

Dr. Tsang, Dr. Jackson, Narendra, and Sab

Corn plants on 06-09-2012

Corn plants on 06-30-2012


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