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Notes from the Field

NAAMES-II Expedition: June 6, 2016

June 8th, 2016 by Kristina Mojica

Hangashore Day

As of the writing of this BLog it is the day before landfall. Spirits are high and writing a blog is not my first activity choice and by the time this BLog will be posted I plan to be in recovery stage from the Cruise Apres Party. That being said I am happy to have this opportunity to help shine a light on this amazing field and the folks who make this type of venture happen. From the hard working crew of the Atlantis including Engineering, Bridge Officers, Deck Crew, Steward Staff, Science Support Group to all the wicked smart Scientists of this NAAMES II. It takes hard work, long hours and dedication to perform at such a high level under these conditions but the rewards are fantastic.

Specifically, I would like to thank Chief Scientist Mike Berhenfeld a force of nature in his own right who almost never leaves fish to find fish. As well as my team mates Tom the coffee cup experimenter, Mackenzie who defines cute at all times and expert vial preparer and Jack wanna be shiphand scientist and master of the Seas.

This world needs more people like these so if you are interested enough to read these Blogs consider yourself invited to the science community working to characterize and ultimately secure this Planet for future generations. Science up in school and get on board … we need you. If you are not in a position to plan your future as such … support your local science organizations. Time is of the essence….

I am normally busy trying to troubleshoot electronics and other mechanical parts of scientific instrumentation during a cruise. I have chosen a career that is quite rewarding because I get to help these inspiring people. The charge I get from bringing science instruments back from the dead for a grateful scientist is indescribable…. You have no Idea :). However I think this has been amply addressed in the previous Blogs and it’s kinda boring for this format.

So for your entertainment a little geeky ”inside the cruise” data:
Note … If you find a mistake feel free to let me know but no one cares too much :).

From the Chief Engineer…

This is a very powerful ship and energy is power over a period of time.
Theoretical Maximum Energy output of the Atlantis 64,800,000,000 Joules/day (3 x 750kW service generators + 3 x 1.5 MW generators for driving the thrusters)
As a handy reference that’s the approximate average amount of energy expended by two human heart muscles over an 80-year lifetime.

The engines of the RV Atlantis.  Photo: Thomas Bell

The engines of the RV Atlantis. Photo: Thomas Bell

The Atlantis can stay at Sea for 60 days and has enough range to circle the earth in 120 days with one refill for fuel.

At .6 miles per gallon I estimate at a tonnage of say 3200T loaded up it is approx the same weight as 40 loaded semi-Trailers at 80T a piece with an equivalent mileage of 24 MPG each… not bad considering the vessel hauls around accommodations for 22 Crew 36 Science and Technical 2 Science Support room for 6 container labs, 4 large cranes, 2 equipment winches 4 science labs and public spaces like a library and TV room. Holy smokes it is a sweet ride.

They clean water to remove salt and impurities at say an average of 3000 gal/day is leaving 750 lbs of salt removed a day. Not to mention the Food.

The ship Steward gave me some under-reported cruise consumption metrics for our 26 day mission….,

250 lbs flour
150 lbs white sugar
6 x .5 Gal maple syrup
210 dz eggs
500 snack-size bags of chips
25 gal ice cream
300 snack-size ice cream bars
600 snack-packs cookies
150 lbs butter
50+ lbs prunes
150 lbs butter
30 lbs Gummy Bears
12 lbs Jelly Beans
220 lbs Coffee Beans
16 lbs Goldfish
240 Ice Cream Bars
18 Gallons Ice Cream
360 bags of chips
400 candy bars

Gummy Bears!

Gummy Bears!

Not to mention a dizzying collection of condiments at each of the 5 mess tables. A huge thank you to the Steward staff for keeping us alive and quite happy with their creative and delicious offerings. The crew of the Atlantis are top notch I would sail with these consummate professionals any time.

Condiments in a line.

Condiments in a line.

Condiments on board the RV Atlantis.

Condiments on board the RV Atlantis.

I’ve put a Blog Word Cloud on here for padding :).All in all an impressive mission that I feel lucky to be a part of… Thanks for reading and enjoy your hangashore day!

NAAMES 2 word cloud from WorditOut dot com

NAAMES 2 word cloud from WorditOut dot com

Written by Cyril MacCormic

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