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Urban Heat Islands: Hot Times in the City

Urban Heat Islands: Hot Times in the City

Urban Heat Islands – Download pdf (8.7 MB)

What makes an urban heat island? Why is New York City a “hot” town? Where are the hottest places on Earth? How can NASA scientists help city planners turn down the heat? Read this and more in the newest issue of EO for Kids.

EO Kids offers hands-on activities, experiments and more. The Maker Corner provides instructions for making your own green roof bird-feeder. Figure out how much of a city is paved and developed in this issue’s Data Viz. Research the urban heat island in your own backyard with some DIY Science. What do city lights and urban heat islands have in common? Find out when you are the Data Detective.

Explore this “hot” topic as only NASA can with NASA Earth Observatory’s EO Kids.

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