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Barrier Islands: Sands & Lands in Motion

Barrier Islands: Sands & Lands in Motion – download pdf (7 MB) October 2020

Explore the shore with EO Kids’ Barrier Islands: Sands & Lands in Motion. Learn about Earth’s changing shorelines, especially barrier islands.  Plus, create your own model of the shores and watch erosion and deposition take place in our “DIY Science” activity: “A Model Shoreline.”

Explore the changing seashore with EO Kid’s issue, Barrier Islands: Sands and Lands in Motion. Autumn Burdick shows you how to do the simple experiment where you can make your own model shoreline and observe longshore drift in action.

Earth Observatory stories highlighted in this issue of EO Kids:

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EO Kids is written for audiences aged 9 to 14. It is published with support from NASA’s Landsat, Terra, and Aqua missions.

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