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(Infra)Red Light, Green Light

(Infra)Red Light, Green Light – Download PDF (1.5 MB) March 2018

EO Kids is exploring our green Earth. As spring turns the Northern Hemisphere green with new life, discover how satellites help us look at plant health all over our planet. Plus, do your own experiment and find out what colors are hidden in your leaves.

At EO Kids we are committed to making Earth science fun and engaging. Come explore Earth with us.

Here are some of the Earth Observatory stories highlighted in this issue:

Read more about monitoring plant health with NASA’s satellites from these other NASA resources:
Seeing Photosynthesis from Space: NASA Scientists Use Satellites to Measure Plant Health
Reflected Near-Infrared Waves

EO Kids is written for audiences aged 9 to 14. It is published with support from NASA’s Landsat, Terra, and Aqua missions.

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