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Ocean Green: Blooming Oceans

Ocean Green: Blooming Oceans – Download pdf (4.2 MB) November 2017

EO Kids, a publication from the Earth Observatory, highlights science stories for a younger audience. In our new edition, we explore the swirling seas of phytoplankton blooms and create your own NASA science visualization by making a flipbook. Read about how these tiny organisms are making a big impact on our living Earth. Flip through the pages and see the ocean change color as phytoplankton blooms and the land changes between brown and green as the seasons change. Watch as the Earth comes alive with the flip of a page.

At EO Kids we are committed to making science fun and engaging. Come explore our earth.

Earth Observatory stories highlighted in this issue of EO Kids:

EO Kids is written for audiences aged 9 to 14. It is published with support from NASA’s Landsat, Terra, and Aqua missions.

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