EO Kids

Landslides: Earth on the Move

Landslides – Download pdf (18.5 MB) March 2017

When can landslides happen? What can trigger a landslide? How is NASA using satellite data to find and prepare for potential landslides? Find the answers and more in this issue of EO Kids, Landslides: Earth on the Move.

EO Kids offers hands-on activities, experiments and more. Make your own mini-landslide in this issue’s Maker Corner. Find out just how much rain it takes to trigger a landslide with DIY Science. Create your own graph and compare annual rain amounts for a real landslide in Data Viz. Finally, meet NASA scientist and landslide expert, Dalia Kirschbaum, to find out what she and her team are doing to help people prepare for potential landslides.

Earth Observatory stories highlighted in this issue of EO Kids: