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Space Archaeology: Uncovering the Past

Space Archaeology: Uncovering the Past – Download PDF (6.3 MB) December 2017

This month, EO Kids is “digging in” to Earth science. In this edition of EO Kids, Space Archaeology: Uncovering the Past, learn about how different types of sensors on satellites are used to find past civilizations. Plus, create your own remote sensing experience with a digital camera and some popsicle sticks in the DIY “Science Activity: Ancient-Civilization Sandbox.”

At EO Kids we are committed to making Earth science fun and engaging. Come explore our Earth with us.

EO Kids writer, Autumn Burdick, shows you how you can make your own Ancient Civilization Sandbox.

Earth Observatory stories highlighted in this issue of EO Kids:

EO Kids is written for audiences aged 9 to 14. It is published with support from NASA’s Landsat, Terra, and Aqua missions.

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