Tournament Earth - Astronaut Photography Edition: Round 5

It is time for the final countdown. We started on March 8 with 32 of our favorite photographs of Earth shot from the International Space Station, and now just two are left to compete. Which photo will reign in the 2021 tournament? Will it be a composite of stars in motion over the Americas, shot by astronaut Don Pettit in 2012? Or will it be an alkaline Turkish lake, captured in 2016 by astronaut Kate Rubins?

In the semifinals, the photo of Lake Van took 94 percent of the vote against the Castellanus cloud tower. The image of stars and earthly lights in motion captured 60 percent of the vote over a view of airglow and the Milky Way. Stars in Motion was originally the #3 seed in the Unity bracket, while Lake Van was a #8 seed from the Tranquility bracket.

Voting in the final round will end on April 12 at noon U.S. Eastern Time. Click on each image headline to open a new window, view an enlarged photo, and read more about it. Then come back here and click to vote for your champion. When you have made your choice, remember to submit your ballot at the bottom of the page.

Watch Picturing Earth: Window on the World to learn about astronaut training and the experience of trying to shoot photographs while everything around you is floating. To view other photos shot from the space station, visit the EO Astronaut Photography Collection.

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