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Pensacola, Florida, after Hurricane Ivan

Pensacola, Florida, after Hurricane Ivan

Pensacola, Florida, was one of the cities hardest hit when Hurricane Ivan blasted ashore on September 16, 2004. Two days later, on September 18, the Ikonos satellite captured this view of the disaster. Piles of boats have been pushed against the shore in contrast to the neat lines parked along the harbor on January 4, 2003. The buildings around the harbor have also sustained damage. Sections of roof appear to be missing from the white building in the bottom right corner. The buildings in the upper right corner of the image also appear to be seriously damaged. What had been parking lots in January 2003 now appear to be covered in mud, possibly a result of flooding.

Hurricane Ivan had winds of 130 miles per hour when it came ashore. The storm also brought coastal flooding, with a storm surge 10 to 15 feet above normal high-tide levels and heavy rain. The Associated Press reports that up to 52 people died in the United States as Ivan made its way up the East Coast from Alabama and Florida.

Additional Ikonos images of the Pensacola region are available in the Natural Hazards section of the site.

Images courtesy DigitalGlobe