Where on Earth...? MISR Mystery Image Quiz #7

Where on Earth...? MISR Mystery Image Quiz #7

Here’s another chance to play geographical detective! This Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) image covers an area of about 317 kilometers x 412 kilometers, and was captured by the instrument’s vertical-viewing (nadir) camera on July 4, 2001. Use any reference materials you like and answer the following three questions:

  1. Near the left-hand edge, above image center, are two light-blue lakes separated by a narrow strip of land. Three of the following four statements about them are true. Which one is false?
    1. The lakes are in a depression formed by tectonic and volcanic activity.
    2. Several rare and endangered bird species breed here.
    3. The dominant species of fish is the weatherfish, Misgurnus fossilis.
    4. Water levels can vary considerably, causing changes to the size of exposed islands.

  3. To the right of image center is a large lake. About 30 kilometers northwest of the northern tip of this lake is a border city, which from 1913 to 1949 had a different name than the one it goes by today. Three of the following four statements about the city are true. Which one is false?
    1. Coal mining and food processing are important to the local economy.
    2. Transshipment facilities for handling crude oil are planned, but have not yet been constructed.
    3. Mammoth fossils have been discovered here.
    4. Railway passengers can cross the border into this city on the #20 train.

  5. In the lower right-hand quadrant of the image is a blue-green lake partially obscured by some cumulus clouds. This lake is part of a nation whose capital city contains a landmark square named for a national hero. A statue in the square portrays this individual (choose one):
    1. At the helm of a ship
    2. Seated on a throne
    3. Standing in the company of another person
    4. On horseback

Quiz Rules
E-mail your answers, name (initials are acceptable if you prefer), and your hometown by Tuesday, April 9, 2002 to suggestions@mail-misr.jpl.nasa.gov . The first 3 people on this list who are not affiliated with NASA, JPL, or MISR and who did not win a prize in the last quiz will be sent a print of the image. Answers will be published on the MISR web site (http://www-misr.jpl.nasa.gov/gallery/galhistory/2002_apr_03.html) in conjunction with the next weekly image release. The names and home towns of respondents who answer all questions correctly by the deadline will also be published in the order responses were received.

A new “Where on Earth...?” mystery appears as the MISR “image of the week” approximately once per month. A new image of the week is released every Wednesday at noon Pacific time on the MISR home page. The image also appears on the Atmospheric Sciences Data Center home page, though usually with a several-hour delay.

Image courtesy NASA/GSFC/LaRC/JPL, MISR Team