Earth Observatory Blogs

August Puzzler

Published 8/2/2022 in Earth Matters

Your challenge is to tell us the location of the satellite image and why it is interesting.

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Quadcopter Takes Flight in a Maryland Forest

Published 8/1/2022 in Notes from the Field

Students retrieved and analyzed leaves form the tops of trees—the same part of the forest that is observed by instruments on the International Space Station.

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To Infinity and Beyond

Published 7/28/2022 in Notes from the Field

Teaching and telling others about science is what keeps Alex Haughton coming into work.

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Published 7/21/2022 in Notes from the Field

The DEUCE payload stands vertical, moments away from being launched into space.

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Launch Night

Published 7/19/2022 in Notes from the Field

Sounding rockets provide a fast and cheap route to prove the viability of cutting-edge instrumentation.

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