Earth Matters

Earth is an amazing planet, and the one that matters most to us. Let’s have a conversation about it.

February 2018 Puzzler

Do you recognize this place? read more

What Climate Change Means for Glaciers, Storms, Fires, Clouds, and More

Haven't had time to read the 400 page report that explains how climate change is affecting our planet? Here are the cliff notes — and some striking satellites images that you won't soon forget. read more

What Caused Twin Mega-Avalanches in Tibet?

Scientists have pieced together why the ends of two neighboring glaciers collapsed in 2016. read more

Explorer 1: The Beginning of American Space Science

Sixty years ago next week, the hopes of Cold War America soared into the night sky as a rocket lofted skyward above Cape Canaveral read more

January 2018 Puzzler

Your challenge for the January 2018 satellite puzzler is to use the comments section to tell us what we are looking at, when the image was acquired, and why the scene is interesting. read more

Notes from the Field

NASA scientists are in the field and write home to tell about it.

Keeping an Eye on Weather During the Opening Ceremony

The Footsteps of Apollo Astronauts

Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data

Reporting RIS4E

Kilbourne and Aden: Two Flavors of Volcanism

Back to McMurdo, with its science essentials

Climate Q&A

Myths, misunderstandings, and frequently asked questions about climate.

Elegant Figures

On data visualization and information design on the Earth Observatory.