Notes from the Field

NASA scientists are in the field and write home to tell about it.


SPURS-2 Initial Results

A Flight, a Sunset and a Traditional Namibian Braai

The 2016 Beaufort Gyre Exploration Project: Searching for Sea Ice

Channel Fever as an Expeditionary Malady

Student Shadow Program Sees ORACLES in Action


Balloon Bonanza

One Word

Prepping for First Flight

Earth Matters

Earth is an amazing planet, and the one that matters most to us. Let’s have a conversation about it.

September Puzzler

Study: Typhoons in the Northwestern Pacific are Getting Stronger

Visualizing the Warmest August in 136 Years

August Puzzler

6 Ways Earth Observations Tackle Real-World Problems

Tour Your National Parks From Space

Climate Q&A

Myths, misunderstandings, and frequently asked questions about climate.

Elegant Figures

On data visualization and information design on the Earth Observatory.