Notes from the Field

NASA scientists are in the field and write home to tell about it.

Second day of installation

A radar scientist’s day in the field: At NPOL during OLYMPEX

First Day of Installation

Scouting Our Field Sites by Helicopter

Arrival at Jang Bogo station

Prepping our gear in New Zealand

Getting into the groove

OLYMPEX – Operations begin

Heading to Antarctica

Studying Microscopic Bugs Require, Well…More Than a Microscope!

Earth Matters

Earth is an amazing planet, and the one that matters most to us. Let’s have a conversation about it.

November Puzzler

October Puzzler Answer: Salt Glaciers in Xinjiang

Satellites as Superheroes

Climate Q&A

Myths, misunderstandings, and frequently asked questions about climate.

Elegant Figures

On data visualization and information design on the Earth Observatory.