Notes from the Field

NASA scientists are in the field and write home to tell about it.

Mathematicians from the 18th Century

Is there any such thing as remote clean air?

Traveling the length of the Atlantic Ocean, Part 1: Chile to Ihla Terceira, Azores

Mooring Deployments

The ATomic Diner: Cuisine from 500 to 40,000 ft


Successful 2016 Field Season!

Meteorology for Oceanography

Going Back in Time

Satellites and Salinity

Earth Matters

Earth is an amazing planet, and the one that matters most to us. Let’s have a conversation about it.

Tour Your National Parks From Space

Perseids or Sporadic Meteors? Maybe Both

A Watchful Eye on Rio

Just How Bad was the 2015 Fire Season in Indonesia?

Climate Q&A

Myths, misunderstandings, and frequently asked questions about climate.

Elegant Figures

On data visualization and information design on the Earth Observatory.