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The GSFC North Pole 1999 expedition team included Mike Comberiate, Team Leader, Aqua Project, Code 422; Dr. Claire Parkinson, Chief Scientist, Oceans and Ice Branch, Code 971; Andre Fortin, Communications Engineer, Space Network, Code 451, David Beverley, Webmaster/Producer, Aqua Project, Code 422; Chris Morris, Logistics Chief, Aqua Project, Code 422, and Steve Graham, Education Liaison and Webcast Moderator, EOS Project Science Office, Code 900, Raytheon ITSS. In addition to the GSFC personnel, six others rounded out the expedition team; Richard Gamble, Videographer, Columbia, MD; Bill Schmidt, Consulting Engineer, Minneapolis, MN; Joel Berger, Technology Teacher, Indian Valley Middle School, Harleysville, PA; Tim Roberts, Technology Coordinator, Souderton School District, PA; Adam Siegel, Student, Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, MD; and Tommy White Eyes, Student, Red Cloud High School, Pine Ridge, SD.

History in the making
Five historic milestones were accomplished during the expedition:

  1. The first Internet link to the North Pole, 1930 - 2015 GMT on April 27, 1999.
  2. The first live webcast video from the North Pole, 1945 - 2015 GMT on April 27, 1999.
  3. The first virtual participation by students in NASA Arctic field work via the Internet, including live interactive chats and videos between students worldwide and NASA scientists at 75°N, 80°N, and 90°N.
  4. The first North-Pole-to-South-Pole telephone conversation, 1030-1115 GMT on April 28, 1999. This conference call was coordinated by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and included the NASA North Pole 1999 Expedition Team, National Science Foundation and NOAA representatives at the South Pole, and representatives from NASA GSFC, Project GLOBE Headquarters, and a GLOBE school in Pennsylvania.
  5. The first placement of a piece of the exact South Pole onto the exact North Pole, in commemoration of Earth Day 1999. This benign example illustrated the impact that humankind can have on the environment. (Expedition leader Mike Comberiate had collected a snow sample from the South Pole on a previous trip and brought the sample with him to the North Pole for this demonstration.)

For more information on NASA's You Be the Scientist Program and an archived collection of the expedition's webcasts and digital pictures, please visit the COOLSpace website at:


NASA team
Back row from left to right: Chris Morris, Joel Berger, Tim Roberts, Claire Parkinson, Adam Siegel, Steve Graham, Dave Beverley, Andre Fortin. Front from left to right: Richard Gamble, Mike Comberiate. Not pictured: Bill Schmidt, Tommy White Eyes.

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