Tournament Earth: The Landsat Games: Final

The Landsat Games began with 32 competitors, and two #8 seeds made it to the finals. Now you have chosen your favorite. The winner of this Tournament Earth event is a false-color Landsat 8 image of wetlands around the Mississippi Delta, where winds have sculpted and reshaped ponds, lakes, and marshes over time. The image garnered 68 percent of your votes while besting a set of images of ice and water in the Sannikov Strait of Russia.

The tournament may be over, but there is always more to learn. Since 1972, eight Landsat satellites have been launched. In late September 2021, the ninth will be launched. This joint effort by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey has brought us an unprecedented and nearly continuous visual record of Earth’s landscapes, icescapes, and coastal waters. Landsat satellites have collected more than 9 million scenes and provoked more than 18,000 research papers. This competition celebrates that legacy.

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