Notes from the Field

Gypsy Camp

March 12th, 2010 by Mike Carlowicz

From Paul Newman, co-project scientist:

All of the GloPac instrument teams have now arrived at Dryden Flight Research Center, and our  integration of instruments onto the Global Hawk UAS continues.  We’re putting 10  instruments on the plane, and each team has 2 to 3 scientists working on their instrument.

This means we have a lot of  scientists bunched around the airplane. The instrument teams are all  located alongside the Global Hawk in the hangar.  It’s a very spacious  hangar and the lab tables are great (internet connected, and plenty of  power), but it is loud and cold when the hangar door is opened.

Usually it’s just the Global Hawk crew in the hangar, so this group of
25 scientists camped around lab tables has the appearance of a gypsy
camp.  Instruments, tools, computers, bicycles, food, and clothes are
piled into the instrument area.  I’ll  bet the crew wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled out a mandolin  and started playing.

scientists working in Dryden hangar

After working in this area for a few days, the “cubicle farm offices” back home will begin to look palatial.

2 Responses to “Gypsy Camp”

  1. Eric says:

    Where can I get the high resolution photos to these pictures? I’m one of the guys standing in the back of the picture and I’d like to have a copy as a souvenir of the trip out there.

  2. Allan Dimmel says:

    This is awesome !! Thank you … your so lucky… keep writing Mike !