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A Muddy Chesapeake Bay

September 16th, 2011 by Robert Simmon

Callan Bentley of Mountain Beltway posted a photo of the Chesapeake that’s a nice complement to the view from space we published last night. I live in the Anacostia River watershed, which feeds into the Chesapeake, and all the nearby streams have been brown since Hurricane Irene hit three weeks ago. The Bay is probably going to be muddy for a while.

You can see how things progress with twice-daily satellite views of the Bay via the image “subset” centered on the Chesapeake Lighthouse. Unfortunately, it’s been cloudy the past few days, but there’s a chance there will be a clear shot by early next week—the forecast for Monday is “mostly sunny.”

One Response to “A Muddy Chesapeake Bay”

  1. Rich Gruber says:

    I was stationed at USN Training Center at Bainbridge,MD in 1972 during Agnes. What a mess that was. I can remember that all of the gates at Conawingo Dam were opened. Flooded out a little town called Port Deposit and Havre d’Grace and numerious other places. A large segement of the local population was evacuated to the base for what seemed to be a week. We were on duty for at least 72 hours feeding and housing all people brought to the base. If anyone has any links to local info about this immediate are I would appreciate knowing about them. Thanks!