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Time Lapse of San Francisco Fog

October 1st, 2010 by Robert Simmon

A little bit off topic, but worth it. Time lapse photography of clouds & fog in the Bay Area. Watch to the end, it’s worth it. From the Mother Jones Blue Marble blog.

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2 Responses to “Time Lapse of San Francisco Fog”

  1. Marilyn Wolf says:

    The pictures of fog movement over San Francisco were very good. Because of my basic ISP, the music came over poorly, “chopped up”. I’d like to see this young photographer do the same kind of thing in Los Angeles downtown. Very recently, the Sierra Club magazine Sierra had a double page photo spread of Los Angeles skyscrapers facing the snow covered San Gabriel mountains. These mountains are closer to that city than any other group of mountains are to any other city in the USA. The photo is spectacular and surprising! Might make an outstanding time lapse assignment. M. Wolf, Carmichael, CA

  2. What a wonderful video. And spectacular ending. Can anybody identify the star (or was it planet) that accompanies the the moon into the fogbank (just to the left of the moon.)

    I noticed also that there seems to be a pulsation of earthshine during the setting. Is that a natural phenomenon? or simply an artifact of the filming. Perhaps an effect of the differing atmospheric density as the cloud bank rolls through?