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Earth Matters

Tournament Earth: Only 8 Remain

March 18th, 2013 by Adam Voiland

How is your bracket looking now after Round 2 of Tournament Earth?

Cinderella Baja was finally taken out by the Black Marble, but two other high seeds remain: “Crack in the Ice” and “El Hierro.” If you want to dissect what went wrong (or right) with your picks last week, look below to see how the voting played out. In the data section, we saw the PIG Ice Crack blow out the North American heat wave image, which garnered just 22 percent of the vote. Voyager’s view of Earth also went down hard, earning just 37 percent of the vote against the solar flare.

Don’t forget to vote in the third round. Some key matchups to watch: #1 ranked City Lights of the United States is squaring off against #2 ranked Night Lights 2012. And in the true color section, the Black Marble faces the toughest competition it has seen yet from the solar flare image. Voting closes at 4pm Eastern Time on March 22.

The Black Marble (57%) vs. Baja California (43%)blackmarbletvsbaja

Solar Flares (63 %) vs. Voyager Far from Home (37 %)

El Hierro (57%) vs. GOES Hurricane Sandy (43%)


Hurricane Isaac (35%) vs. New Volcanic Island (65%)


City Lights United States (66%) vs. Lights of London (34% )

City Lights Nile (47%) vs. Flat Map Night Lights (53%)

PIG Ice Crack (78%) vs. North American Heat Wave (22%)


Tree Map (48%) vs. Antarctic Sea Ice (52%)


3 Responses to “Tournament Earth: Only 8 Remain”

  1. Angela says:

    The name of this event is “TOURNAMENT EARTH” and in my opinion computer generated schemata and of the sun do not fall into the realms of this planet upon which we live.

  2. Nada Amine Awar says:

    whatever the case is in whatever field of study:
    – global warming is still active
    – the polar bear is threatened
    – ice is melting
    – sea level is rising
    – kindly show us something that we can easily refer to and understand about it

    thank you for you time and effort

    Environmentally yours


  3. Grep says:

    Agree about the sun. However the CG images are relevant since they depict what is already there. We just may not be able to see it in a traditional sense. Hence the “data” category.