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Earth Matters

September Puzzler Answer

October 5th, 2012 by Adam Voiland

Congratulations to Carl Schardt, Conan Witzel, and David Haycock for being some of our first readers to work out that the September puzzler showed part of Queensland’s Channel Country. Carl quickly recognized it was the Simpson Desert, but it took Conan and David a few days to pinpoint the exact area shown.

If you missed it, check out the caption we published about the area back in September as one of our Images of the Days. We’ve  published a few other images of Channel Country in the past that are worth a look, including a false-color MODIS image of flooding in 2011 and a false-color Landsat image of the Burke and Hamilton Rivers in 2000.

If you want to find out more about the geography of Queensland, we highly recommend heading over to Queensland by Degrees, a “community geography” project organized by the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland (RGSQ). As part of the project, folks are heading to the bush to take photos and record basic information about specific locations all over Queensland.

Their Eyre Creek site (25.000°S 139.000°E) is quite close to the spot we showed in the puzzler (139.216 E, 24.601 S). Go here for a full map of the areas RGSQ has surveyed. The picture below offers a glimpse of what the landscape looks like from the ground. No dunes in sight, but the group did report the area featured “undifferentiated Cainozoic gravel and pebbles of silicifed rock (i.e. gibbers).”

Photo by Paul Feeney.

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