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Earth Matters

The EO on iPad and a Quilt

May 14th, 2012 by Kevin Ward

We often see our images and stories pop up in different places. Obviously we see Earth Observatory content showing up  on other web-based science and news media or on television. But you might see our images in other places, too.

This past week a new iPhone/iPad app called Xweather was launched in the iTunes store. This app takes advantage of our Natural Hazards RSS feed to highlight event imagery around the Earth.

Xweather screenshots

And a few weeks back, my wife and I were browsing through a fabric store when a particular pattern caught our eye: the Blue Marble (2000) on a quilt! This pattern is by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks.

Blue Marble Quilt Pattern

Where have you seen images and stories from the Earth Observatory? Other apps? Posters? Uses in books? Hot air balloons?  The Blue Marble gets quite a bit of use in advertising and other places (a quick search of Flickr provides several examples). Let us know what else you find…or what else you do with it yourselves.

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4 Responses to “The EO on iPad and a Quilt”

  1. Luly says:

    Hi, I love the images and I’ve created a folder which I use both for screen saver & alternating desktop image. It keeps life in perspective.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  2. mamun says:

    The picture is posted by you, I chose the image and download it. Saving for future work. I want to also give you thanks for many knowledgeable things writing in your article. I proudly said that most of the person like it, love it and save it.


  3. liveviewgps says:

    Google Earth is a good application that has some meticulous images… The detailing is great and is a must have application on your devices…

  4. Anna Harris says:

    I have downloaded this “Xweather” apps in my iPad and its really excellent app about weather.