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Earth Matters

Earth at the Movies

June 12th, 2011 by Mike Carlowicz

Science writers and producers from across NASA recently sponsored an Earth Day video contest for the public. The theme was “The Home Frontier,” and the idea was to create videos that expressed what NASA Earth science means to you. Many people don’t realize that one of our agency’s most important missions is to study the planet we are already living on.

The winner of the inaugural contest was Fiona Conn and colleagues, who offered up “One Earth.”

Other entries from the contest can be found here.

What do you think? Which video gets your vote? I am partial to this one by Lewie Kloster (@beakerlab). Maybe it’s because I was reminded of comic Stephen Wright, who used to say: “Every so often, I like to go over to a window, look up at the sky, and smile for a satellite picture.”

Missed your chance to enter the contest? Don’t fret. NASA’s earth science storytellers hope to make this a yearly event, so you’ve got 10 months to get ready for Earth Day 2012. Start saving copies of your favorite Earth Observatory images now.

2 Responses to “Earth at the Movies”

  1. WPC says:

    Every so often, when I look up into the Cosmos, I think that it will always be.

  2. Tezcan says:

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