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Image of the Day The Port City of JeddahNov 24, 2017
The Port City of Jeddah
Image of the Day Holland: First Stop for the PilgrimsNov 22, 2017
Holland: First Stop for the Pilgrims
Image of the Day Sandy Lake, Northwest OntarioNov 17, 2017
Sandy Lake, Northwest Ontario
Image of the Day The Ups and Downs of Lake ChadNov 16, 2017
The Ups and Downs of Lake Chad
Image of the Day Flash Floods in GreeceNov 16, 2017
Flash Floods in Greece
Image of the Day An Unusual AngleNov 9, 2017
An Unusual Angle
Image of the Day Ginseng Farms in Northern ChinaNov 9, 2017
Ginseng Farms in Northern China
Image of the Day Water Shortage in Western CapeNov 1, 2017
Water Shortage in Western Cape
Dubai, February 2010

Dubai, February 2010

Acquired February 8, 2010, this false-color image shows part of the city of Dubai, including the resort island of Palm Jumeirah. Bare ground appears brown, vegetation appears red, water appears dark blue, and buildings and paved surfaces appear light blue or gray. Read more

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