Elevation Map of Kathmandu, Nepal

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These Shuttle Radar Topgraphy Mission (SRTM) images show the basin of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal:

On the left a detail (27 km x 20.5 km) of the X-SAR digital elevation model (shown below), on the right the corresponding radar amplitude image. The amplitude is a measure of the backscattering of the transmitted microwaves. In the amplitude image the “Bagmati-River” is visible south of the city center and the international Airport in the eastern part. The runway appears as a dark stripe. The airport is infamous for its difficult landing/takeoff conditions due to the close vicinity of the surrounding high mountains.

For more information and a image of the region around Kathmandu, visit the German Remote Sensing Data Center SRTM Treasure Vault.

Image courtesy German Remote Sensing Data Center

Elevation Map of Kathmandu, Nepal

October 29, 2001
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