ICE the Image Composite Editor

The Image Composite Explorer is designed to be an easy first step into the realm of Earth system science, image processing, data analysis, and satellite remote sensing via your Web browser. Click to read About ICE and the rationale for its design; for an in-depth tutorial, read the ICE Users Guide; or jump right in to the Rainforests at the Crossroads example if you prefer to learn using a hands-on approach.


The ICE Tool was originally developed in Java by Tom Whittaker and Tom Rink, Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The ICE concept and interface design was provided by Tom Whittaker, Robert Simmon, and David Herring, NASA’s Earth Observatory Team. Scientific consultation was provided by Steve Ackerman and Scott Bachmeier, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Wayne Esaias, NASA GSFC. The ICE tool was made possible thanks to funding support provided by Ernest Hilsenrath, NASA GSFC. Redevelopment of the ICE tool using javascript was undertaken by Tom Whittaker in 2016.