The Great Graph Match (basic version)

Great Graph Match


  1. Examine the set of graphs below for a given city. Read carefully the temperature and precipitation scales on the graphs.
  2. Review the biome information.
  3. Two biome choices are given for each set of graphs, one is the correct answer. Click to select which biome is correct for the city.
  4. Once you click on your choice, an X indicates a wrong answer and a check indicates a correct answer. Click the button at the bottom to start over.
temp graph A
precip graph A
Frogmore, England (Temperate Deciduous Forest)    Koombooloomba, Australia (Rain Forest)
temp graph B
precip graph B
Alice Springs, Australia (Desert)    Goteborg,Sweden (Coniferous Forest)
temp graph C
precip graph C
Centralia, Kansas (Grassland)    Barrow, Alaska (Tundra)
temp graph D
precip graph D
San Bernadino, California (Shrubland)    Frogmore, England (Temperate Deciduous Forest)
temp graph E
precip graph E
Goteborg,Sweden (Coniferous Forest)    Koombooloomba, Australia (Rain Forest)
temp graph F
precip graph F
Barrow, Alaska (Tundra)    Alice Springs, Australia (Desert)
temp graph G
precip graph G
Centralia, Kansas (Grassland)    San Bernadino, California (Shrubland)

Mission: Biomes