Notes from the Field: South Pacific Bio-optics Cruise 2014

Notes from the Field: South Pacific Bio-optics Cruise 2014

Field data necessary for validating ocean color satellite data are sparse in many regions of the ocean. NASA scientists will travel over much of the South Pacific between March and May 2014 to fill in this data gap. Read more

Why is that Forest Red and That Cloud Blue?

Why is that Forest Red and That Cloud Blue?

Are you distracted by unusual colors in satellite images? They are not photographs, and understanding the difference between them is the key to unlocking the power of false-color images. Read more

Landsat 8 Delivering On Its Promises

Landsat 8 Delivering On Its Promises

It was built to extend a four-decade record of Earth observations. One year after launch, Landsat 8 has deepened the archives and our insights — not just of the land, but of the sea and sky. Here are some of our favorite images to date. Read more

Islands in the Sun

Islands in the Sun

If the cold of winter is getting you down, take flight to some tropical islands. Here are a few of our favorites, as viewed from satellites and the International Space Station. We can take your mind, but you'll need your own travel agent to get your body there. Read more

The Eight-Thousanders

The Eight-Thousanders

There is no greater challenge for mountain climbers than reaching the summit of the world’s 14 tallest peaks. Here is what they look like from space. Read more


Natural Hazards

Image of the Day Five Volcanoes Erupting at OnceApril 14, 2014
Five Volcanoes Erupting at Once
Image of the Day Wildfire Burns Valparaiso, ChileApril 13, 2014
Wildfire Burns Valparaiso, Chile
Image of the Day Cyclone Ita Approaching AustraliaApril 11, 2014
Cyclone Ita Approaching Australia
Flooding in MississippiApril 10, 2014
Flooding in Mississippi
Image of the Day Tehuano WindsApril 8, 2014
Tehuano Winds
Image of the Day Near Miss in MadagascarMarch 30, 2014
Near Miss in Madagascar
Activity at Mount MerapiMarch 27, 2014
Activity at Mount Merapi
Forest fires in IndiaMarch 24, 2014
Forest fires in India
Tropical Cyclone GillianMarch 24, 2014
Tropical Cyclone Gillian
Image of the Day Landslide and Barrier Lake near Oso, WashingtonMarch 23, 2014
Landslide and Barrier Lake near Oso, Washington
Image of the Day Dust Storm Blows Across TexasMarch 18, 2014
Dust Storm Blows Across Texas
Image of the Day Fires in Southeast AsiaMarch 18, 2014
Fires in Southeast Asia
Dust Storm in ColoradoMarch 11, 2014
Dust Storm in Colorado
Fires in IndonesiaMarch 7, 2014
Fires in Indonesia
Image of the Day Flooding in New ZealandMarch 6, 2014
Flooding in New Zealand
Pacaya VolcanoMarch 2, 2014
Pacaya Volcano

World of Change

Satellite images showing how our world— forests, oceans, cities, even the Sun— has changed in recent decades.
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Blue Marble

Composite satellite images of the entire Earth.
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Earth at Night

The night side of Earth twinkles with light in these composite global and regional views.
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Hands-on educational activities.
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Visible Earth

A catalog of NASA images and animations of our home planet.
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NASA Earth Observations

View, download, and analyze imagery of Earth science data.
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NASA Global Climate Change

Vital signs of the planet.
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Earth Science Picture of the Day

Photos of Earth processes and phenomena.
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