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Image of the Day Plumes from Pavlof VolcanoNov 15, 2014
Plumes from Pavlof Volcano
Volcán CopahueOct 21, 2014
Volcán Copahue
Ontake EruptsSep 27, 2014
Ontake Erupts
Holuhraun Lava FieldSep 20, 2014
Holuhraun Lava Field
Holuhraun Lava FlowSep 16, 2014
Holuhraun Lava Flow
Zhupanovsky Ash PlumeSep 11, 2014
Zhupanovsky Ash Plume
Image of the Day Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava FieldSep 6, 2014
Roiling Flows on Holuhraun Lava Field
Image of the Day Ash on New Britain Sep 2, 2014
Ash on New Britain
Image of the Day Infrared Views of BardarbungaAug 27, 2014
Infrared Views of Bardarbunga
Image of the Day Still Huffing and PuffingAug 21, 2014
Still Huffing and Puffing
Sangeang Api EruptionJun 1, 2014
Sangeang Api Eruption
Image of the Day Sangeang Api EruptsMay 31, 2014
Sangeang Api Erupts
Image of the Day Fresh Lava Arrives at Ubinas VolcanoApr 28, 2014
Fresh Lava Arrives at Ubinas Volcano
Image of the Day Five Volcanoes Erupting at OnceApr 14, 2014
Five Volcanoes Erupting at Once
Image of the Day “New” Pacific Island Consumes Its NeighborMar 30, 2014
“New” Pacific Island Consumes Its Neighbor
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