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Image of the Day Persistent Ice on Lake SuperiorApr 22, 2014
Persistent Ice on Lake Superior
Image of the Day Thwaites Glacier from Sentinel-1AApr 21, 2014
Thwaites Glacier from Sentinel-1A
Image of the Day Painting with Islands and SunglintApr 15, 2014
Painting with Islands and Sunglint
Image of the Day Cyclone Ita Approaching AustraliaApr 11, 2014
Cyclone Ita Approaching Australia
Image of the Day Cruising for Ocean DataApr 4, 2014
Cruising for Ocean Data
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Phytoplankton Bloom in the Barents Sea

Phytoplankton Bloom in the Barents Sea

In this natural-color image from August 31, 2010, a large phytoplankton bloom colors the Barents Sea turquoise, teal, navy, and green. Read more

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