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Image of the Day Hurricane SandyOct 29, 2012
Hurricane Sandy
Image of the Day Isla Santiago, Galapagos IslandsOct 26, 2012
Isla Santiago, Galapagos Islands
Image of the Day Swirls along an Ice HighwayOct 26, 2012
Swirls along an Ice Highway
Image of the Day Dust Storm in the Great PlainsOct 19, 2012
Dust Storm in the Great Plains
Image of the Day Mount Shasta, CaliforniaOct 19, 2012
Mount Shasta, California
Image of the Day Fresh Lava on Kilauea, HawaiiOct 19, 2012
Fresh Lava on Kilauea, Hawaii
Plume from Mount PaganOct 18, 2012
Plume from Mount Pagan
Image of the Day Finding Fossils in the Great Divide BasinOct 16, 2012
Finding Fossils in the Great Divide Basin
Image of the Day Flooding in NigeriaOct 15, 2012
Flooding in Nigeria
Image of the Day Turkish GlaciersOct 12, 2012
Turkish Glaciers
Image of the Day Wake Island, Pacific OceanOct 12, 2012
Wake Island, Pacific Ocean
Image of the Day Grande TerreOct 12, 2012
Grande Terre
Image of the Day Ash Plume from ShiveluchOct 8, 2012
Ash Plume from Shiveluch
Image of the Day Salar de Coipasa, BoliviaOct 5, 2012
Salar de Coipasa, Bolivia
Image of the Day Icebergs around South GeorgiaOct 5, 2012
Icebergs around South Georgia
Image of the Day Cheyenne Bottoms in DroughtOct 5, 2012
Cheyenne Bottoms in Drought
Image of the Day From Green to BrownOct 3, 2012
From Green to Brown
Bezymianny VolcanoOct 3, 2012
Bezymianny Volcano
Image of the Day Flooding along the Susitna RiverOct 2, 2012
Flooding along the Susitna River
Image of the Day Dried Out Vegetation Across AmericaOct 2, 2012
Dried Out Vegetation Across America
Image of the Day Clouds, Fire, and Ice in the CascadesOct 1, 2012
Clouds, Fire, and Ice in the Cascades
Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Acquired December 4, 2009, this true-color image shows the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, roughly 55 kilometers (35 miles) south of Laverton, Western Australia. Read more

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