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Image of the Day Contour Plowing in the Palouse Aug 29, 2014
Contour Plowing in the Palouse
Image of the Day  Iron Mines in MichiganAug 27, 2014
Iron Mines in Michigan
Image of the Day Curiosities of the Danakil DepressionAug 26, 2014
Curiosities of the Danakil Depression
Image of the Day Fires in CaliforniaAug 25, 2014
Fires in California
Image of the Day Still Huffing and PuffingAug 25, 2014
Still Huffing and Puffing
Image of the Day Kulunda Steppes, RussiaAug 22, 2014
Kulunda Steppes, Russia
Image of the Day Blue Marble, Eastern HemisphereAug 20, 2014
Blue Marble, Eastern Hemisphere
Image of the Day Where China and Kazakhstan MeetAug 14, 2014
Where China and Kazakhstan Meet
Image of the Day Long Smoke Stream over SiberiaAug 14, 2014
Long Smoke Stream over Siberia
Image of the Day Carlton Complex Burn ScarAug 11, 2014
Carlton Complex Burn Scar
Image of the Day Panorama of Hispaniola and the CaribbeanAug 8, 2014
Panorama of Hispaniola and the Caribbean
Image of the Day Wildfire in SwedenAug 8, 2014
Wildfire in Sweden
Image of the Day Unusual July TemperaturesAug 7, 2014
Unusual July Temperatures
Image of the Day Evolution of Pyrocumulus over CaliforniaAug 4, 2014
Evolution of Pyrocumulus over California
Image of the Day Lake UrmiaAug 1, 2014
Lake Urmia
Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Sunrise Dam Gold Mine

Acquired December 4, 2009, this true-color image shows the Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, roughly 55 kilometers (35 miles) south of Laverton, Western Australia. Read more

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