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Image of the Day Ice in the Sea of OkhotskApr 25, 2014
Ice in the Sea of Okhotsk
Image of the Day Persistent Ice on Lake SuperiorApr 22, 2014
Persistent Ice on Lake Superior
Image of the Day Thwaites Glacier from Sentinel-1AApr 21, 2014
Thwaites Glacier from Sentinel-1A
Image of the Day Drifting with Ice Island B31Apr 16, 2014
Drifting with Ice Island B31
Image of the Day Arctic Sea Ice Maximum 2014Apr 3, 2014
Arctic Sea Ice Maximum 2014
New Cracks in the Wilkins Ice Shelf

New Cracks in the Wilkins Ice Shelf

As Southern Hemisphere summer approached, radar imagery from the European Space Agency revealed new cracks were continuously forming in the seaward edge of the Antarctic Peninsula's Wilkins Ice Shelf. Read more

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