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Image of the Day Drought Dries Elephant Butte ReservoirJul 25, 2013
Drought Dries Elephant Butte Reservoir
Image of the Day Salton TroughJul 25, 2013
Salton Trough
Image of the Day Fires and Farms in IndonesiaJul 24, 2013
Fires and Farms in Indonesia
Image of the Day Amsterdam, The NetherlandsJul 19, 2013
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Image of the Day Damascus, SyriaJul 12, 2013
Damascus, Syria
Image of the Day A Closer Look at Flood Damage in IndiaJul 3, 2013
A Closer Look at Flood Damage in India
Image of the Day 150th Anniversary of the Battle of GettysburgJul 2, 2013
150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg
Dubai, February 2010

Dubai, February 2010

Acquired February 8, 2010, this false-color image shows part of the city of Dubai, including the resort island of Palm Jumeirah. Bare ground appears brown, vegetation appears red, water appears dark blue, and buildings and paved surfaces appear light blue or gray. Read more

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