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Image of the Day A Gap in the AndesJun 24, 2016
A Gap in the Andes
Sherpa Fire Burn ScarJun 23, 2016
Sherpa Fire Burn Scar
Image of the Day Imaging a Methane Leak from SpaceJun 21, 2016
Imaging a Methane Leak from Space
Image of the Day Bahariya OasisJun 17, 2016
Bahariya Oasis
Image of the Day Reservoirs Down in IndiaJun 15, 2016
Reservoirs Down in India
Image of the Day Flooding in FranceJun 7, 2016
Flooding in France
Image of the Day Iguazú FallsJun 3, 2016
Iguazú Falls
Image of the Day Floodwaters Inundate Southeastern TexasJun 2, 2016
Floodwaters Inundate Southeastern Texas
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Dubai, February 2010

Dubai, February 2010

Acquired February 8, 2010, this false-color image shows part of the city of Dubai, including the resort island of Palm Jumeirah. Bare ground appears brown, vegetation appears red, water appears dark blue, and buildings and paved surfaces appear light blue or gray. Read more

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