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Image of the Day October HazeOct 29, 2014
October Haze
Image of the Day Kansas City Metropolitan AreaOct 22, 2014
Kansas City Metropolitan Area
Image of the Day The Many Colors of Electric LightsOct 17, 2014
The Many Colors of Electric Lights
Image of the Day Drought Shrinking São  Paulo ReservoirsOct 17, 2014
Drought Shrinking São Paulo Reservoirs
Image of the Day Southwestern USA at NightOct 17, 2014
Southwestern USA at Night
Image of the Day Nordic LightsOct 1, 2014
Nordic Lights
Image of the Day Waking Up Puget SoundSep 26, 2014
Waking Up Puget Sound
Image of the Day Breaking Bad on the BeachSep 26, 2014
Breaking Bad on the Beach
Image of the Day Amazon Forest FiresSep 18, 2014
Amazon Forest Fires
Image of the Day Star-Spangled CitySep 11, 2014
Star-Spangled City
Image of the Day Smoke in YosemiteSep 8, 2014
Smoke in Yosemite
Image of the Day Contour Plowing in the Palouse Aug 29, 2014
Contour Plowing in the Palouse
Image of the Day Citizen Science with Night ImagesAug 29, 2014
Citizen Science with Night Images
Image of the Day  Iron Mines in MichiganAug 27, 2014
Iron Mines in Michigan
Image of the Day Eastern Mediterranean Coastline at NightAug 15, 2014
Eastern Mediterranean Coastline at Night
Image of the Day Where China and Kazakhstan MeetAug 14, 2014
Where China and Kazakhstan Meet
Image of the Day Algae Bloom on Lake ErieAug 4, 2014
Algae Bloom on Lake Erie
Image of the Day Diamonds in the Sub-Arctic RoughJul 25, 2014
Diamonds in the Sub-Arctic Rough
Image of the Day Groundwater Deficit Out WestJul 23, 2014
Groundwater Deficit Out West
Image of the Day Looking Back from Apollo 11Jul 17, 2014
Looking Back from Apollo 11
Image of the Day The PeloponneseJul 11, 2014
The Peloponnese
Image of the Day Launching from Wallops IslandJul 11, 2014
Launching from Wallops Island
Image of the Day Growth of São Paulo, BrazilJul 8, 2014
Growth of São Paulo, Brazil
Image of the Day Hanhowuz Reservoir, TurkmenistanJun 30, 2014
Hanhowuz Reservoir, Turkmenistan
Image of the Day Desert Coast—Morocco, Western SaharaJun 27, 2014
Desert Coast—Morocco, Western Sahara
Image of the Day Put a Lid on ItJun 25, 2014
Put a Lid on It
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Dubai, February 2010

Dubai, February 2010

Acquired February 8, 2010, this false-color image shows part of the city of Dubai, including the resort island of Palm Jumeirah. Bare ground appears brown, vegetation appears red, water appears dark blue, and buildings and paved surfaces appear light blue or gray. Read more

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