Tools and Data Quick Reference

Backyard Observation Supplies

  • nitrogen (nitrate/nitrite/ammonium) test strips, available from most pet supply stores in the aquarium test equipment section or from science supply companies/as part of full water quality testing kit; (Select online retailers: Omega , Industrial Test Systems, Inc. ($15.99), Hach ($15.89)
  • water collection bottles such as Hach 250 mL Polyethylene collection bottles ($43.55 for 12 pack). Small Nalgene bottles from an outdoor supply store also work well, $2-$5 from Nalgene.
  • Internet connection
  • Google Earth (download here; latest available version is recommended)
  • The Citizen Scientist’s Guide to Earth Observations Water Quality Data Entry Sheet
  • rubber gloves (optional)
  • rubber boots (optional)
  • bucket (optional)
  • rope (optional)

Earth Observation Supplies

  • Internet connection

Earth Observation Data Sheet